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UK Real Estate Industry COVID19 Outreach for NHS Support

The real estate industry has an opportunity to come together as a community with the right resources to truly make a difference. Real estate is a people-focused industry and we want to take care of those who take care of us when we are most in need.

Our industry can do its part to ensure the workers on the front line of the disease have the support required to endure the fight. Healthcare personnel are working tirelessly, and the expectation is that the worst is yet to come. We can help lessen the burden by providing much needed medical supplies, beds, and support for healthcare staff.  The government will need to rely on private sector intervention to ensure medical needs are met during the peak period of this crisis and we want to give an avenue so you can help.

A group of industry professionals from Greystar, SAY Consulting, and deverellsmith has come together with the goal to centralize efforts and provide the most effective support by collecting any and all offers of help in one place. We are putting this initiative under the Do Some Good umbrella and partnering with existing efforts across our sector to be efficient in this fight.

As of 25 March 2020, we know that

  • The NHS is working to ensure they do not run out of critical care beds.

  • NHS workers need to isolate from their families and be close to the hospitals they work in.

  • NHS ​is running low on ​essential medical supplies ​to ensure they are protected.

  • Medical personnel and patients will also need other supplies. 

If you would like to help, please visit Do Some Good

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